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Nos cépages dans Wein+Markt

Our "Les fruits sauvages" in Wein+Markt

Our "Les fruits sauvages" in Wein+Markt

17 October 2018

Our Chardonnay "Les fruits sauvages" 2017 and our Merlot "Les fruits sauvages" 2016 have been chosen to illustrate an article about Pays d'Oc IGP in the deutch magazine Wein+Markt.

Tasting notes

Chardonnay: Grilled aromas associated with yellow fruits. On the palate, the acidity is nice and gives freshness. Delicat finish. 

Merlot :Dark color. Aromas of black fruits like plum. Wood is well balanced. Ripe tannins and delicate acidity ensure a good potential of ageing. 

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