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Terre de Vin "Les Champions du Languedoc"

Terre de Vins "Les Champions du Pays d'Oc"

Terre de Vins "Les Champions du Pays d'Oc"

17 October 2018

A wonderful tasting notes concerning our Pinot Noir La Métairie 2016, Domaine de la Métairie d'Alon, in a special Pays d'Oc review in Terre de Vins french magazine. 

Translation: here is a bottle that illustrates the scope of the possibilities of the label IGP Pays d'OC : you can produce with 50 different grapes variety, the most important is the quality. This tasty Pinot Noir kept its promise : fresh pepper fragrances, peonies, small ripes black fruits. It combine typicity of the variety and good balance of the structure. Just the right amount of tannin, delicately coated with barrel aging for 9 months. Noticed regularly in our tastings, the neat work of this team is once again welcomed, it is deserved.  Yes for a 7 hours lamb leg, deglazed duck breast with raspberry vinegar.

Abbotts et Delaunay
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