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Pinot Noir "La Métairie"

Pinot Noir "La Métairie"

IGP Pays d'Oc

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Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir. Certified Organic.


This wine bears the name of the plot "La Métairie", a terroir well suited to the production of high-quality Pinot Noir wine.
This is the estate's highest plot, making it the most "Burgundian". It sits at an altitude of 414 m, on a plateau that overlooks all of the other vineyards. Thanks to the high altitude at which they are grown, the grapes benefit from cool nights and full sun during the day. This wide range in temperature difference is advantageous for good balance between sugar and freshness.


The grapes are handpicked, collected in small, perforated 12-kg crates, and transported to the winery in a refrigerated truck. Vinification takes place in 50-hl conical wooden vats, "lasagna" style with a bottom layer of whole bunches of grapes (approximately 25 cm deep), destemmed grapes that were sorted on the sorting table in the middle, and on top, another layer (approximately
20 cm deep) of whole bunches of grapes. The proportion of whole bunches is therefore approximately 30%. The grapes are maintained at a low temperature (18°C) for 3 to 4 days (cold pre-fermentation maceration). We then let the temperature rise slowly, which means a gentle start to fermentation. A few, rather short pump-overs are performed. When fermentation is
approximately halfway complete, we do one or two rather gentle punch-downs in order to break up the top layer of the whole bunches of grapes and delicately mix them in with the destemmed grapes. Fermentation finishes smoothly, the temperature has risen to approximately 25°C and we keep the vat warm for another 3 to 4 days, tasting the juice every day so that it can be devatted and pressed before any harsh tannins start to appear. A pneumatic press is used and the press juice is separated from the free-run juice. The juice is transferred to barrels while still warm and malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrels.


Aged for 9 months in 4 and 5-year-old oak barrels from Chassin with 10% aged in new oak from Rousseau (both are Burgundy cooperages).

Tasting notes

Beautiful ruby red in colour. The nose is expressive, fresh, fine and very pure, featuring a succession of fruity aromas (cherry,
blueberry and redcurrant) and notes of spices (white pepper).
This is a typical Pinot Noir with a touch of rhubarb that is characteristic of the great Pinots. Refreshing on the palate with good acidity and lovely length - the tannins are elegant and slightly peppery with a hint of liquorice on the finish. The overall impression is one of complexity and considerable density, which are characteristic of both the 2015 vintage and the optimal ripeness of the grapes.


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