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«The people and the wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon region both tend to have a certain ruggedness and strong personality about them....»

Laurent Delaunay


"In the beginning, there is of course Nature in all of its force and excessiveness. The tormented terroir may be pounded by the burning sun or by sudden, unexpected and violent storms.

Behind this austere front, however, those who are interested in going deeper will discover a complex personality enlivened with finesse and elegance.

This is what appealed to me in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

I am very grateful to all of the passionate growers, viscerally attached to their land, who introduced me to their rare, exceptional terroirs planted with old vines that are sometimes over a hundred years old.

From there on in, careful work in the vineyards - naturally healthy grapes, harvests performed with a great deal of care, vinification that respects the grapes and patient ageing - allow us to harness the power contained in these wines, thereby enabling them to reveal their delicateness and depth.

The Abbotts & Delaunay approach is unique in the region because it is rare to find winemakers here who have made the same rigorous selection as we have of the most promising vineyards throughout the entire appellation... and that, I owe to my native Burgundy, where the diversity of wines and terroirs has long been established."

Laurent Delaunay

Abbotts et Delaunay
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