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We currently suggest our Chardonnay Le Palajo 2018,

Domaine de la Métairie d'Alon, 

which has been awarded a 92/100 by the renowned

International Wine Challenge ! 


Embellie - Méthode traditionnelle

Embellie - Méthode traditionnelle

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Grape variety

70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. Certified Organic.


The grapes come from micro-plots on our Domaine de la Métairie d'Alon, grown organically in high-altitude vineyards (300-400m) in the Upper Aude Valley. The clay-limestone soils, which are best suited to these two grape varieties, contain a high clay content. The region's hot, dry climate is tempered by the altitude and the proximity of the Pyrenees, which creates a marked variation between the
warm daytime temperatures and the cool nights, facilitating the varietals' aromatic expression and a perfect balance between fruit and acidity.
It also experiences occasional and sudden, heavy thunderstorms, which are inevitably followed by an "EMBELLIE" (the return of the fine weather).


The organically-grown grapes are harvested early by hand and placed into small perforated crates to avoid crushing. We prefer to work with very low yields of
around 30 to 35 hl/ha.
The whole bunches then immediately undergo a gentle pressing, without crushing, to prevent the colouration of the must.
The first juices and the juices from the end of the pressing (the "tailles ") are discarded in order to preserve only the "cuvée", i.e. the best juices, which only represent about 60% of the potential volume. Cold settling without SO2. Fermentation takes place in old barrels, without the addition of sulphites.
At the end of this first fermentation, we obtain a dry, fruity still wine with a slight acidity that has been brought out by the organic growing without chemical
fertilisers, the early harvest and the segmented pressing, which will enable it to achieve a good second fermentation. The wine undergoes a complete malolactic
After the tasting and selection of the finest barrels, the wines are blended and aged in vats. This painstaking work of selection and blending allows us to craft a
well-balanced wine full of finesse and freshness.
The wine is then bottled after the addition of a small quantity of "liqueur de tirage" (sugar and organic yeasts) which allows the second fermentation to occur very slowly in the bottle, until the sugars are completely used up, which ensures the development of very fine bubbles.
This second fermentation is followed by an exceptionally long 24 months ageing "sur lattes" in the cool, calm atmosphere of the cellars. Having ensured the
transformation of sugar into alcohol, the yeasts gradually die, thereby imparting additional complexity to the wine.
Then comes the final stage in this long production process: first of all, the riddling, which consists of gradually turning and tilting the bottles until they are neck down, in order to concentrate the lees in the neck of the bottle. This is followed by disgorgement (the neck of the bottle is plunged into brine at -15°C, trapping the deposit in a plug of ice). The opening of the bottle will enable the expulsion of this plug of ice containing the deposit. It is at this point that a very low EXTRA BRUT dosage is added to the final champagne to enhance the appreciation of the wine's natural acidity.


24 months ageing "sur lattes"

Tasting notes

Lovely pale hue with yellow-green tints, the bubbles are perfectly fine and even. The first elegant nose of fine patisserie, praline and fresh brioche is followed by notes of red fruit (strawberry and raspberry). The nose is complex and expressive. It includes fragrances of candy, pink pralines and barley sugar, followed by a subtle touch of angelica, mint and flowers.
The palate is a magnificent balance of vinosity and fresh acidity, with fine, light bubbles that are silky yet ethereal.

Wine and Food

Enjoyed as an aperitif.
When paired with food, its freshness makes it perfect for poultry, fish and shellfish.
It is also excellent served with dessert.

Serving suggestions

This sparkling wine is best served chilled at 4-8°C.


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